Locker Ventures, LLC
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
LOCKER VENTURES, LLC is a family owned real estate investment corporation. We have over seventeen years’ experience in marketing, sales and professional services. LOCKER VENTURES, LLC invests in tax delinquent properties, liens and deeds. Such real estate is then used for re-sale and investment purposes. This process creates jobs for area Real Estate agencies and other companies involved with Property Management. By acquiring properties below the current market value we will be able to make owning a home more affordable to buyers.
LOCKER VENTURES, LLC’s mission is to help the numerous counties throughout the United States and their respective communities recuperate lost tax revenues as well as buying individual delinquent property owners extra time to redeem their property by paying the delinquent property taxes. With the current economic downturn and financial crisis this helps American counties collect tax revenues of millions of dollars. The money we invest will help many communities maintain public schools, roads, bridges, fire and police departments, libraries, city parks and other like projects. Our core values of Honesty, Compassion, Patriotism, Value and Merit enable us to remain committed to continuing a tradition of community service.
Our Mission